Electroplating and Electrometallurgy Milestones / Achievements Publications


S. No.AuthorsTitleJournal NameYearVolumeIssuePage No.
1 Selvam-MBulk chloridization of electroless silver plated on ABS plastic buttons for ECG applicationElectropl.Met.Finish.201012  
2 Selvam-MElectroless silver deposition on ABS plastic using Co(II) as reducing agent Trans. Inst. Metal. Finish.201088 198-203
3 Selvam-MColouring of anodised aluminium by electroless methodSurf. Eng.201127 711-718
4 Srinivasan-KN, John-SElectroless nickel deposition from methane sulfonate bath J. Alloys Compd.20094861-2447-450
5 Florence-F, Nisha, Rajendran-S, Srinivasan-KN, John-SStudies on electrodeposition of copper from methanesulphonic acid bathInt. J. ChemTech. Res.20113 1318-1325
6 Srinivasan-KN, Selvaganapathy-T, Meenakshi-R, John-SElectroless deposition of nickel-cobalt-phosphorus nanoalloySurf. Engg.201127 65-70
7 Srinivasan-KN, Thangavelu-PRElectroless deposition of Ni-P composite coatings containing kaolin nanoparticlesTransactions of the Institute of Metal Finishing201290 105-112
8 Subramanian-B, Ashok-K, Jayachandran-MEffect of substrate temperature on the structural properties of magnetron sputtered titanium nitride thin films with brush plated nickel interlayer on mild steelAppl. Surf. Sci.200825552133-2138
9 Subramanian-B, Ashok-K, Kuppusami-P, Sanjeeviraja-C, Jayachandran-MCharacterization of reactive DC magnetron sputtered TiAlN thin films Cryst. Res. Technol.200843101078-1082
10 Subramanian-B, Ashok-K, Jayachandran-MStructure, mechanical and corrosion properties of DC reactive magnetron sputtered aluminum nitride (AlN) hard coatings on mild steel substrates J. Appl. Electrochem.2008385619-625
11 Subramanian-B, Jayachandran-MElectrochemical corrosion behavior of magnetron sputtered TiN coated steel in simulated bodily fluid and its hemocompatibility Mater. Lett.20086210-111727-1730
12 Subramanian-B, Mohamed-Ibrahim-M, Senthilkumar-V, Murali-KR, Vidhya-VS, Sanjeeviraja-C, Jayachandran-MOptoelectronic and electrochemical properties of nickel oxide (NiO) films deposited by DC reactive magnetron sputteringPhys. B200840321-224104-4110
13 Moses Ezhil Raja-A, Subramanian-B, Senthilkumar-V, Jayachandran-M, Sanjeeviraja-CSynthesis and characterization of spray pyrolysed MgIn2O4 spinel thin films for novel applicationsPhys. E2008403467-473
14 Subramanian-B, Jayachandran-MMaterials properties of nanostructured titanium nitride thin films synthesised by DC reactive magnetron sputteringTrans. Inst. Met. Finish.200886162-65
15 Subramanian-B, Ibrahim-MM, Murali-KR, Vidhya-VS, Sanjeeviraja-C, Jayachandran-MStructural, optoelectronic and electrochemical properties of nickel oxide filmsJ. Mater. Sci.: Mater. Electron.20092010953-957
16 Subramanian-B, Ashok-K, Subramanian-K, Sastikumar-D, Selvan-G, Jayachandran-MEvaluation of corrosion and wear resistance titanium nitride (TiN) coated on mild steel (MS) with brush plated nickel interlayer Surf. Eng.2009257490-495
17 Subramanian-B, Govindan-K, Swaminathan-V, Jayachandran-MMaterials properties of electrodeposited NiFe and NiCoFe coatingsTrans. Inst. Met. Finish.2009876325-329
18 Mohan-S, Ravindran-V, Subramanian-B, Saravanan-GElectrodeposition of zinc-nickel alloy by pulse plating using non-cyanide bathTrans. Inst. Met. Finish.200987285-89
19 Sivaranjani-S, Malathy-V, Prince-JJ, Subramanian-B, Balasubramanian-T, Sanjeeviraja-C, Jayachandran-M, Swaminathan-VThickness Dependence of Structural, Electrical and Optical Properties of Sputter Deposited Indium Tin Oxide Films Adv. Sci. Lett.201034434-441
20 Subramanian-B, Ananthakumar-R, Jayachandran-MMicrostructural, mechanical and electrochemical corrosion properties of sputtered titanium-aluminum-nitride films for bio-implantsVacuum201085 601-609
21 Subramanian-B, Jayachandran-MPreparation of chromium oxynitride and chromium nitride films by DC reactive magnetron sputtering and their material propertiesCorros. Eng. Sci. Technol.201146 554-561
22 Subramanian-B, Ananthakumar-R, Jayachandran-MEffect of substrate temperature on the properties of reactively sputtered TiN/NbN multilayersCryst. Res. Technol.201146 1273-1282
23 Padmavathy-P, Ananthakumar-R, Subramanian-B, Ravidhas-C, Jayachandran-MStructural and electrochemical impedance spectroscopic studies on reactive magnetron sputtered titanium oxynitride (TiON) thin films J. Appl. Electrochem.201141 751-756
24 Sutradhar-N, Sinhamahapatra-A, Pahari-S, Jayachandran-M, Subramanian-B, Bajaj-HC, Panda-ABFacile Low-Temperature Synthesis of Ceria and Samarium-Doped Ceria Nanoparticles and Catalytic Allylic Oxidation of Cyclohexene J. Phys. Chem. C2011115 7628-7637
25 Subramanian-B, Ananthakumar-R, Vidhya-VS, Jayachandran-MInfluence of substrate temperature on the materials properties of reactive DC magnetron sputtered Ti/TiN multilayered thin filmsMater. Sci. Engg. B2011176 1-7