Director's Message

Dear CSIR-CECRI Family,

CSIR-CECRI is the largest institute in South Asia dedicated to research and innovations in electrochemical science and technologies. CSIR-CECRI’s unique capabilities in the research areas of Corrosion and Material Protection (CMP), Electrochemical Power Sources (EPS), Electrochemical Process Engineering (EPE),  Electrodics & Electro-Catalysis (EEC), Electro-Organic & Materials Electrochemistry (EME), and Electroplating & Metal Finishing (EMF) are leveraged to cater the societal, industrial, and strategic needs. Moreover, I believe that this institute having a glorious past has become more relevant now and also in the days to come considering the importance of the electrochemical devices and processes for energy harvesting & storage and mitigating environmental issues.

Today, the world is facing an alarming energy crisis due to the dwindling of non-renewable resources such as oil and coal, and there is the bigger threat of a rise in CO2 levels, pollution and global warming. In this global scenario, CSIR-CECRI will synergise its R&D efforts in providing solutions (Clean Energy, Clean water, Clean air) through electrochemical science & technology. The institute will realign, refocus its efforts to fast-track the accomplishment of the national missions and global sustainable development goals by adopting the following strategies:

a) Eco-friendly, cost-effective, and innovative technologies in energy, environment, healthcare and materials production through electrochemistry

b) New energy technologies (energy harvesting & storage, green Hydrogen, Fuel-cell, etc.), clean electrochemical processes for ‒ electroplating, extraction & recycling of critical metals, production of materials, etc and so to trigger the “green energy revolution” in India

c) Next-generation battery technologies which are more energy & power efficient, temperature-tolerant, and fast-charging

d) CO2 capture, conversion and utilization technologies

e) Affordable electrochemical sensors for monitoring health and environment (air, water, and soil)

f) Efficient coating technologies for corrosion mitigation, thermal barrier, anti-microbial applications

g) Smart manufacturing 

h) Industry-connect for translating lab innovations into commercial technologies

i) Skill development activities to support MSMEs and entrepreneurship

Thus, CSIR-CECRI will strive to be of national relevance at all times with significant measurable output, not merely in terms of publications but also through direct socio-economic contributions and its commitments to the strategic sector. Further, I believe CSIR-CECRI with its unique cutting-edge inter-disciplinary R&D will continue to be the “numero-uno” institute in electrochemical science & technologies.