AcSIR Admission Notification for August 2024 Session:      Notice  

About AcSIR :

 AcSIR is a world class research academy virtually functioning from 37 laboratories, 39 Extension Centres and 4 Units of Council of Scientific & Industrial Research (CSIR) across the nation with Headquarters at CSIR, New Delhi.  AcSIR has been established with the aim of substantially increasing the number of researchers in integrative and interdisciplinary areas of science and engineering.  The primary focus is on research and imparting instructions in areas not ordinarily taught in regular academic universities in India, by disseminating advanced knowledge in science & technology and by providing teaching and research facilities in frontline branches of learning and emerging areas. AcSIR was established by an Act of Parliament, the Academy of Scientific of Scientific Innovative Research Act, 2011 vide The Gazette of India No.15 dated February 7, 2012 and notified on April 3, 2012.

 AcSIR is created to develop the highest quality personnel with cross disciplinary knowledge, aiming to provide leaders in the field of science and technology.  The Academy shall primarily focus on research and imparting instructions in a such a manner that the methodology is novel and off the beaten track.  Further, the Academy aims to:

 ·         Nurture a research-propelled, technology-enabled, industry-linked, socially conscious higher education platform

 ·         Achieve a seamless integration of intellectual strengths with current market needs with a people centric focus

 ·         Develop niche capability required to bolster research efforts in futuristic science

 ·         Provide the opportunity to work on the frontier and contemporaneously challenging areas for nurturing innovation.

 The Academy have the structure of a multi-centric institution based on a hub-and-spoke model. CSIR headquarters located at New Delhi act as a hub responsible   for centralized administration connected with all the 37 CSIR laboratories (spokes) act as actual campuses for different subjects/areas based on their respective specializations. AcSIR aims at substantially increasing the number of researchers in integrative and inter-disciplinary areas of science and engineering in a cost-effective manner.

Eligibility Criteria:

PhD (Science):

M.Sc. degree or equivalent in any branch of Science and having a valid research fellowship awarded by a national agency (CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICMR/BINC/DST-INSPIRE or equivalent).

PhD (Engineering):

M.E/M.Tech or equivalent in all branches of Engg.and having a valid research fellowship awarded by a national agency (CSIR/UGC/DBT/ICMR/BINC/DST-INSPIRE or equivalent).

IDDP (M.Tech. (Chemical & Electrochemical Engg.) & PhD (Engg.)):

B.E./B.Tech in Chemical/Chemical & Electrochemical/ Metallurgy/ Petrochemical/Nanotechnology/Biotechnology/Material Science with valid GATE Score.

Programme Description:

CSIR-CECRI admits the highly talented and research oriented candidates for the following Programme for January and August sessions:

i)             Ph.D

ii)            Integrated Dual Degree Programme (M.Tech. & Ph.D.) (August session only)

Candidates selected for admission to the above Programme will be registered under Academy of Scientific and Innovative Research (AcSIR), New Delhi

Admission Procedure:

For admission to Ph. D & IDDP Programme in January and August sessions, candidates need to submit the application ONLINE only by accessing

All applications received through AcSIR will be scrutinized at CSIR-CECRI by a Committee and only those candidates who are found suitable will be called for interview/ counselling at CSIR-CECRI.  It will be conducted either offline or online.

No TA will be paid by CSIR-CECRI for attending the interview/counselling at Karaikudi.

Generally the following timeline will be followed for admission:



August  Session

January Session


Uploading admission related information

3rd Friday of April 

3rd Friday of September previous year


Advertisement in National Dailies (Select)

4th Monday to Wednesday of April

4th Monday to Wednesday of September


Last date of Online submission

4th Thursday of May

4th Thursday of October


Intimation to candidates (electronic)

31st May

31st October


Aptitude Test/Interview

4th Monday of June – 2nd Friday of July

4th Monday of November – 2nd Friday of December


Declaration of results (on the web)

3rd Wednesday of July

3rd Wednesday of December


For more details, visit:

Fees & Stipend:

Candidates selected for the Ph. D. Programme at CSIR-CECRI shall draw their fellowship and other allowances, contingency etc., as per the scheme applicable to the candidate.

Student Academic Committee (SAC)

             SAC Members

Terms of Reference:


  1. 1.       The SAC will look into all issues related to the academic welfare of students in CECRI. However, complaints regarding harassment/discrimination based on caste, religion, gender etc. will be outside the purview of the committee.
  2. 2.       The committee will look into matters pertaining to Ph. D admission, screening of application if necessary, interviews of Ph. D students assignment of Ph. D adviser and orientation programme of Ph. D students admitted.
  3. 3.       The Committee will design and implement mandatory course work for all Ph. D students of CECRI irrespective of their University of Registration in line with AcSIR requirements. The assignment of teachers, student’s evaluation, teacher/course evaluation etc. will also be overseen by the Committee.
  4. 4.       The Committee will look into matter of enhancing the quality of CECRI Ph. D Students and suggest a viva voce or comprehensive examination in the second yeat or compulsory seminar on topics other than their Ph. D topic.
  5. 5.       SAC will interface with all the respective Universities for Ph. D Registration, Supervision & Evaluation of thesis, viva-voce, defense, etc.
  6. 6.       SAC can also identify Ph. D students with a potential for excellence in terms of research and teaching in the 3rd or 4th year. Some of these students could be involved in teaching for B.Tech cource.
  7. 7.       The SAC will also address and offer solutions to problem arising during the course of Ph. D tenure due to healthy student-guide interactions, change of guide, change of student, etc.
  8. 8.       The Director reserves the right to amend these terms & references for individual cases.


      Administrative support for the SAC will be provided by A.O.

  1. Contact:
          Dr. P.Murugan
          Coordinator - AcSIR
          Phone : 91-4565 241435
          Email :