Electroplating and Electrometallurgy Overview Capabilities
  • The capabilities of IMF Division are Electroforming, Electroless Plating, Deposition & electro polishing of metals & alloys from Low Temperature Molten Salt (LTMS) electrolyte, AC anodizing and electrochemical materials for solar thermal energy conversion.

  • IMF Division can do electroforming of any material which cannot be produced by mechanical means ranging from micro level components to larger size materials like Cryogenic Rocket engine thrust chambers, linear accelerators, waveguides, hologram, nickel crucible, molds and dies.

  • IMF Division has the capabilities of electroless plating of copper, nickel, cobalt, silver and gold on conducting and non conducting substrate materials. The non conducting materials include plastics, ceramic materials and synthetic diamond particles. Electroless plating could be done on aluminium, Al-AlSiC metal matrix composite, titanium, beryllium, maraging steel, leaded brass, monel alloy and stainless steels.

  • IMF Division has developed various selective black coatings based on nickel alloys and chromium using chemical as well as electrochemical methods. IMF Division has the capabilities of polishing of Al by chemical / electrochemical methods and SS by electrochemical method. Using these selective coating and polished Al and SS, solar gadgets were fabricated and studied their performance.

  • IMF Division has done some works on Low Temperature Molten Salt electrolysis for deposition and polishing of metals. Using Imidazole as the base chemical for LTMS, studies have been carried out on Zinc plating and electropolishing of copper and stainless steel.

  • IMF division has the expertise on DC / AC anodizing of aluminium and colouring of anodisedaluminium by electroless method. IMF Division has the expertise on colouringof aluminium, titanium, stainless steel and tantalum. It also has the expertise on alloy and composite plating.