Electroplating and Electrometallurgy Overview

Electroplating and Electrometallurgy Division is one of the fascinating divisions of CSIR - CECRI undertaking fundamental to applied R&D activities on Electroplating, Electrometallurgy and Vacuum Coatings. The division plays a momentous role in the development of technologies and processes in surface engineering and metallurgical industries. Our capabilities include,

Ø Electroplating of metals, alloys, multilayers and composites using aqueous and non-aqueous electrolytes. Surface finishing such as electropolishing, electroforming and anodizing & colouring.

Ø Coatings of transparent conducting oxides, transition metal chalcogenides and metal/alloy nitrides for electrochromic, photoelectrochemical, thermal barrier, biomedical implant and anti-microbial applications.

Ø Electropyrometallurgy of light metals and rare earths using Molten Salt Electrolysis and Reduction Diffusion Technique for Strategic applications & Electrohydrometallurgy of ferrous, non-ferrous and rare earth metals from low grade Indian Ores and Industrial Wastes towards Import Substitution.

R&D activities: 


Ø Electroplating of Trivalent Hard Chrome

Ø Electroplating of Copper, Nickel, Zinc and its alloys & composites

Ø Electroplating of precious metals like Gold and Silver

Ø Electroplating of Aluminium, Tantalum, and Yttrium using ionic liquids

Ø Understanding interfacial processes during electrodeposition

Ø Electropolishing of Stainless Steel

Ø Anodizing of Aluminium

Ø Brush Plating of Metals and Alloys

Ø Pulse and Pulse Reverse Plating of Metals and Alloys

Ø Electroless Plating

Ø Cyanide-free Brass electroplating

Ø Electroforming


Ø   Physical Vapor Deposition

Ø   Thermal Evaporation

Ø   Electron Beam Evaporation

Ø   DC/RF Magnetron Sputtering

Ø   Ionic Assisted Confocal DC Magnetron Sputtering

Ø   Pulsed Laser Deposition

Ø   Spray Coatings

Ø   Thermal Barrier Coatings

Ø   Spin Coatings

Ø   Sol-Gel Coatings


Ø   Molten Salt Electrowinning of Na, Li, Ca and Mg

Ø   Molten Salt Electrowinning of La, Ce, Nd, Sm, Pr, Eu, NdFe and SmCo5

Ø   Molten Salt Preparation of Rare Earth and Transition Metal borides, Oxides, CNT, Graphene and Thermoelectric materials

Ø   Electro-recovery of lead from ore and lead acid battery scrap

Ø   g - MnO2 from low grade ores and industrial effluents

Ø   Zn/ZnO from primary and secondary resources

Ø   Recovery of platinum group metals from spent catalysts

Ø   Role of impurities in electrowinning /electrorefining processes