Mandapam Overview Infrastructure

The corrosion testing yard located on the southern shoreline of the campus forms the major testing facility at the Centre (shown in the title photograph). The testing yard is supported by meteorological installations and a Stevenson’s chamber ideal for atmospheric indoor evaluation of materials and coatings. In addition, a shallow coastal seawater site is also accessible for natural immersion of test samples. An exhibits hall appropriate for visitors, students and course participants has been created, which highlights the significance of marine corrosion in general and the purpose of the Centre in particular.

A portion of the exhibits hall showing charts, illustrations and test samples. The laboratory has reasonable test facilities to support the nature of work being implemented. In particular, the laboratory is equipped to deal with marine biological and microbiological aspects of marine corrosion. A wet lab is also available for growing natural biofilms under quiescent flowing seawater conditions. A GAMRY Model Reference-600 electrochemistry workstation and underwater light meters are noteworthy assets to the laboratory. A full-fledged workshop supports preparation of test specimens and natural immersion rafts, allows versatile experimental designs, and also aids in the processing of samples for further characterization at the CECRI Central Instrumentation Facility in Karaikudi. The laboratory is currently being augmented in a major way.