Electrochemical Power Sources Milestones / Achievements Patents


S. No.TitleInventorsCountryApp.No.Filing DatePatent No.Patent Seal Date
1 Process for the preparation of high voltage nano composite cathode (4.9 V) for lithium ion batteries A .Sivashanmugam, Nil0105NF2010:2495DEL20 21-Sep-2012 - 21-Sep-2012
2 High capacity kish graphitic lithium-insertion anode materials and negative electrodes for lithium - ion batteries prepared therefrom. D Sherwood, A Manuel Stephan, India000 01-Jan-2008 000 01-Mar-2008
3 State of charge of silver-zinc secondary battery by non-destructive method MVT Dhananjeyan, India  02-Jul-2006 0044NF2006
4 Process for Rapid synthesis of high voltage/high capacity layered cathode material for lithium ion batteries A .Sivashanmugam, Nil0104NF2010:2439DEL20 21-Sep-2012 1 21-Sep-2012
5 Template directed formation of metal nanoparticles and uses thereof Mayavan Sundar, US  14/442,345 12-Nov-2013
6 Double walled battery container with effective insulation useful for improved performance of magnesium - organic battery at sub - zero temperatures A .Sivashanmugam, NilNil 21-Sep-2012 187047 21-Sep-2012
7 A high voltage, high performance layered cathode material for lithium ion batteries A .Sivashanmugam, Nil0103NF2010:2494DEL20 21-Sep-2012 2 21-Sep-2012
8 A process for the preparation of surface modified aluminium zinc binary alloy useful as a anode for use in alkaline cells/battery M Paramasivam, INDIAPAT/480/SL Dated 8/5 08-May-1992 583/Del/ 29-Jun-1992
9 Process for 200 Ah Magnesium / meta-Dinitrobenzene battery for low temperature operation A .Sivashanmugam, NilNil 21-Sep-2012 HO1M4/30 21-Sep-2012
10 Electrode materials for mixed potential sensors  M Paramasivam, GermanyNo:10 2011105 952.4 29-Jun-2011 INF.No:10 2011105 95