Electrochemical Power Sources Milestones / Achievements Publications


S. No.AuthorsTitleJournal NameYearVolumeIssuePage No.
1 Kumar-M, Arul Raj-I, Pattabiraman-RY2Zr2O7 (YZ)-pyrochlore based oxide as an electrolyte material for intermediate temperature solid oxide fuel cells (ITSOFCs) - Influence of Mn addition on YZMater. Chem. Phys.20081081102-108
2 Raju-M, Ananth-MV, Vijayaraghavan-LInfluence of temperature on the electrochemical characteristics of MmNi(3.03)Si(0.85)Co(0.60)Mn(0.31) Al(0.08) hydrogen storage alloysJ. Power Sources20081802830-835
3 Raju-M, Ananth-MV, Vijayaraghavan-LElectrochemical properties of MmNi3.03Si0.85Co0.60Mn0.31Al0.08 hydrogen storage alloys in alkaline electrolytes—A cyclic voltammetric study at different temperaturesElectrochim. Acta20095441368-1374
4 Raju-M, Ananth-MV, Vijayaraghavan-LRapid charging characterization of MmNi(3.03)Si(0.85)Co(0.60)Mn(0.31)Al(0.08) alloy used as anodes in Ni-MH batteries Int. J. Hydrogen Energy20093483500-3505
5 Raju-M, Ananth-MV, Vijayaraghavan-LInfluence of electroless coatings of Cu, Ni-P and Co-P on MmNi(3.25)Al(0.35)Mn(0.25)Co(0.66) alloy used as anodes in Ni-MH batteries J. Alloys Compd.20094751-2664-671
6 Sivashanmugam-A, Prasad-SR, Thirunakaran-R, Gopukumar-SElectrochemical performance of Al/MnO2 dry cells: An alternative to Lechlanche dry cellsJ. Electrochem. Soc.200815510A725-A728
7 Sulochana-A, Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Gopukumar-S, Yamaki-JSol-gel synthesis of 5 v LiCuxMn2-xO4 as a cathode material for lithium rechargeable batteriesJ. Electrochem. Soc.20081553A206-A210
8 Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Gopukumar-S, Dunnill-CW, Gregory-DHStudies on chromium and aluminium-doped manganese spinel as cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries-A novel chelated sol-gel synthesisJ. Mater. Process. Technol.20082081-3520-531
9 Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Gopukumar-S, Dunnill-CW, Gregory-DHElectrochemical behaviour of nano-sized spinel LiMn2O4 and LiAlxMn2-xO4 (x = Al : 0.00-0.40) synthesized via fumaric acid-assisted sol-gel synthesis for use in lithium rechargeable batteriesJ. Phys. Chem. Solids20086982082-2090
10 Khomane-RB, Agrawal-AC, Kulkarni-BD, Gopukumar-S, Sivashanmugam-APreparation and electrochemical characterization of lithium cobalt oxide nanoparticles by modified sol-gel methodMater. Res. Bull.2008438-92497-2503
11 Aravindan-V, Vickraman-P, Sivashanmugam-A, Thirunakaran-R, Gopukumar-SLiFAP-based PVdF-HFP microporous membranes by phase-inversion technique with Li/LiFePO4 cell Appl. Phys. A2009974811-819
12 Zaheena-CN, Nithya-C, Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Gopukumar SMicrowave assisted synthesis and electrochemical behaviour of LiMg0.1Co0.9O2 for lithium rechargeable batteries Electrochim. Acta200954102877-2882
13 Rajakumar-S, Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Yamaki-J, Gopukumar-SElectrochemical Behavior of LiM0.25Ni0.25Mn1.5O4 as 5 V Cathode Materials for Lithium Rechargeable Batteries J. Electrochem. Soc.20091563A246-A252
14 Parande-AK, Sivashanmugam-A, Beulah-H, Palaniswamy-NPerformance evaluation of low cost adsorbents in reduction of COD in sugar industrial effluent J. Hazard. Mater.20091682-3800-805
15 Nithya-C, Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Kiruthika-GVM, Gopukumar-SHigh-Capacity Sol-Gel Synthesis of LiNixCoyMn1-x-yO2 (0 <= x, y <= 0.5) Cathode Material for Use in Lithium Rechargeable BatteriesJ. Phys. Chem. C20091134117936-17944
16 Thirunakaran-R, Sivashanmugam-A, Gopukumar-S, Rajalakshmi-RCerium and zinc: Dual-doped LiMn2O4 spinels as cathode material for use in lithium rechargeable batteriesJ. Power Sources20091872565-574
17 Elango-A, Periasamy-M, Paramasivam-M Study on polyaniline-ZnO used as corrosion inhibitors of 57S aluminium in 2M NaOH solutionAnti-Corros. Meth. Mater.2009565266-270
18 Elango-A, Periasamy-VM, Paramasivam-M, Rakesh-ENovel polymeric inhibitor for corrosion of 57S aluminium in 2M NaOH solutionsAnti-Corros. Meth. Mater.20105713-5
19 Umadevi-G, Ponnusamy-V, Paramsivam-M, Palaniswamy-SPElectrochemical synthesis and characterization of H2so4 doped anilineRasayan J. Chem.20103 194-200
20 Ganesan-M, Dhananjeyan-MVT, Sarangapani-KB, Renganathan-NGLithium ion conduction in sol-gel derived lithium samarium silicate solid electrolyteJ. Alloys Compd.20084501-2452-456
21 Christy-AYMT, Nahm-KS, Hwang-YJ, Suh-EK, Anbu Kulandainathan-M, Premkumar-T, Manuel Stephan-ALithium insertion studies on boron-doped diamond as a possible anode material for lithium batteriesIonics2008142157-161
22 Sathishkumar-M, Vijayaraghavan-K, Binupriya-AR, Manuel Stephan-A, Choi-JG, Yun-SE Porogen effect on characteristics of banana pith carbon and the sorption of dichlorophenolsJ. Colloid Interface Sci.2008320122-29
23 Hwang-YJ, Nahm-KS, Premkumar-T, Manuel Stephan-APoly(vinylidene fluoride-hexafluoropropylene)-based membranes for lithium batteriesJ. Membr. Sci. 20083101-2349-355
24 Jeong-SK, Shin-JS, Nahm-KS, Prem Kumar-T, Manuel Stephan-AElectrochemical studies on cathode blends of LiMn2O4 and Li[Li1/15Ni1/5Co2/5Mn1/3O2]Mater. Chem. Phys.20081112-3213-217
25 Prem Kumar-T, Sri Devi Kumari-T, Manuel Stephan-ACarbonaceous anode materials for lithium-ion batteries-the road aheadJ. IISc.2009894393-424