Electrochemical Power Sources Overview Training Programme

Industrial/ Academic Training Program:

            Apart from R&D activities, the division also offers industrial/academic oriented technology/refresher courses and skill development workshops in the areas of vital electrochemical energy storage (Lead acid battery and lithium ion battery technologies).

ECPS- 1:

Electrochemical Power Systems: Lead Acid Battery:

Theory: Fundamentals of Electrochemical Cells, Electrochemical power sources, Batteries (Primary & secondary batteries), Raw materials for the manufacture of Lead acid batteries, Lead alloys, Separators and electrolyte. Unit operations in lead acid batteries, grid casting, mixing, pasting and curing. Formation and assembly. Testing of batteries, battery charging method Factors affecting the battery performance. Dry charged batteries, VRLA battery, principle, merits and demerits. Failure mode of lead acid batteries, defect, causes and remedy. Different charging methods. Light weight lead acid battery.

Practical: Density determination of lead oxide/wet paste separator impact test/ vibration and load test formation procedure current calculation, finished capacity test at 20h rate & 3 C HRD, battery determination.

ECPS- 2:

Electrochemical Power Systems: Lithium ion Battery:

Theory: Different chemistries for lithium-ion battery materials (Anode, cathode, electrolyte and separator), performance study and evaluation of electrode materials,  potential applications of Lithium-ion batteries, electrode fabrication, assembling of lithium ion cell and full battery, different battery packs and module, battery test methods, factor affecting the battery performance, safety aspect of lithium-ion battery, future lithium batteries.

Practical: Synthesis of electrode material, Fabrication and testing of  Lithium-ion cells.