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Research Guidance
S. No.Name of the ScholarThesis TitleYear of Completion
1 A Elango“Corrosion inhibition of 57S aluminium alloy as anode materials in NaOH by ZnO & Polyaniline “2009
2 C Raja“A study of the inhibition of alkaline corrosion of aluminium by some quaternary ammonium salts “ 2006
3 G. Kruthikaon-going 
4 J. Karthikeyanon-going 
5 P. Subalakshmi  
6 S. Selva ChandrasekaranTheoretical Investigations on Surfaces and Interfaces of Rare Earth-based Exchange-spring Magnets2017
7 Samson NesarajDevelopment of materials and components for ITSOFC2003
8 T. K. Bijoyon-going