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  • Performance in each course of study shall be evaluated based on (i)     continuous internal assessment throughout the semester and (ii) University examination at the end of the semester. 
  • Each course, both theory and practical (including project work & Viva voce Examinations) shall be evaluated for a maximum of 100 marks. The project work shall be evaluated for a maximum of 100 marks.
  • For all theory and practical courses  including project work, the continuous internal assessment will carry 20 marks while the End Semester University examination will carry 80 marks. Project work may be allotted to a single student or to a group of students not exceeding 2-3 per group.


For all theory and practical courses the continuous assessment shall be for a maximum of 20 marks. The above continuous assessment shall be awarded as per the procedure given below

(a)    Theory Courses:

Three tests each carrying 100 marks shall be conducted during the semester by the Department / College concerned. The total marks obtained in all tests put together out of 300, shall be proportionately reduced for 20 marks and rounded to the nearest integer (This also implies equal weightage to all the three tests).

(b)    Practical Courses:

Every practical exercise / experiment shall be evaluated based on the exercise / experiment  prescribed  as per the syllabi  and  the  records  of work done maintained. There shall be at least one test during the semester. The criteria for arriving at the internal assessment marks (20 marks) shall be decided based on the recommendation of the class committee and shall be announced at the beginning of every semester by the Principal.

 (c) Project Work:

The Principal shall constitute a review committee for each branch of study. There shall be three  reviews  (each 100 Marks) during the semester by the review committee. The student shall make presentation on the progress made by him / her before the committee. The total marks obtained in the three  reviews shall be  reduced for  20 marks and  rounded to the nearest integer.  (This also implies equal weightage to all the three assessments).


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  • A candidate shall normally be permitted to appear for the University Examinations of any semester commencing from I semester if he/she has satisfied the semester completion requirements (subject to Clause 6) and has registered for examination in all courses of the  semester.
  • Registration is mandatory for semester examinations as well as arrear examinations, failing which the candidate will not be  permitted to move to the higher semester.
  • A candidate  who has already appeared for any subject in a semester and passed the examination is not entitled to reappear in the same subject for improvement of grades / marks.


  • A candidate who secures not less than 50% of total marks prescribed for the courses with a minimum of 45% of the marks prescribed for the  end-semester University Examination in both theory and practical courses (including Project work), shall be declared to have passed the Examination.
  • If a candidate fails to secure a pass in a particular course, it is mandatory that he/she shall register and reappear for the examination in that course during the subsequent semester when examination is conducted in that course; he/she should continue to register and reappear for the examinations in the failed subjects till he / she secures a pass.
  • The internal assessment marks obtained by the candidate in the first appearance shall be retained and considered valid for all subsequent attempts till the candidate secure a pass.  However, from the 3rd attempt onwards if a candidate fails to obtain pass marks (IA + End Semester Examination) then the passing requirement shall be as follows:
  • The candidate should secure 50% and above the maximum marks prescribed for course in the university examinations alone irrespective of Internal Assessment marks obtained

College Timings

Teaching and Non-teaching             

 Monday to Friday         :  9.00 AM to 1.00PM

                                   :  1.30 PM to 5.30 PM                           

 Knowledge Resource Centre (CECRI Library)

 All working days           :  9.00 AM to 5.30 PM

 Saturday                      :  10.00 AM to 2.00 PM


Academic year 2017 -2018

Course                  :     B.Tech (Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering)

Duration               :     4 Years / 8 Semesters


A.  One Time Fee (Payable at the time of Admission)

Admission Fee                                                                         : Rs.    500.00

Syllabi, Hand Book & Calendar                                              : Rs.    500.00

Registration Fee                                                                       : Rs.    400.00

Administration Fee                                                                   : Rs.    600.00

Qualification recognization Fee

(Candidate from Tamil Nadu only)                                          : Rs.    200.00 

Provisional Certificate & Degree Certificate                          :  Rs.    500.00             Rs.  3,200.00


B.  Refundable Deposit (Payable at the time of admission)

     Caution Deposit                                                                         :  Rs.  5,000.00


C.  Semester Fees (Payable Every semester)

 Tuition Fee                                                                               :  Rs.  7,500.00

 Special Fee                                                                               :  Rs.  6,000.00

 Laboratory Fee                                                                         :  Rs.  2,500.00

 Library Charges                                                                        :  Rs.  1,000.00

 Fee for infrastructure Development                                          :  Rs.  1,500.00            Rs.18, 500.00


D.   Fee for Student’s Personality Development Activity

      (Payable each academic year)

Placement & Industrial Training                                                :  Rs.  1000.00

Sports / NSS                                                                               :  Rs.  1,500.00

Cultural                                                                                       :  Rs.  1,500.00

INTERSECT  (Students’ Professional Association)                  :  Rs.  1,500.00                       

Alumni                                                                                        :  Rs.     250.00            Rs.  6,350.00  



 NET TOTAL (A + B + C + D)                                 Rs.33,050.00


Payable at the time of admission

Hostel/Mess Admission Fee : Rs. 1500.00

Refundable Deposit (Hostel & Mess) : Rs. 13,000.00 Rs. 14,500.00

Payable each Semester

Hostel Establishment Fee : Rs. 7,000.00

Fee for Water, Electricity and Room rent : Rs. 4,250.00       Rs. 11,250.00

TOTAL       Rs. 26,250.00

        Mess Charges (Dividing System)

Exam Timetable

Click the following link for University Examination Timetable



 1. All assessments of a course will be done on absolute marks basis. However, for the purpose of reporting the performance of a candidate, letter grades, each carrying certain number of points, will be awarded as per  the  range of  total marks  (out of 100) obtained by  the candidate  in each subject as detailed below:


Letter grade

Grade Points























“RA” denotes reappearance and “AB” denotes absence and hence the result is failure in the subject.

 “W” denotes withdrawal from appearing the examination in the subject. 

 (This grade will figure both in Marks Sheet as well as in Result Sheet.)  

 The Grade “I” denotes inadequate attendance and hence prevention from writing the end semester examination.

 The Grade “I and “W” will figure only in the Result Sheets.

 Grade sheet:

 After  results  are  declared, Grade Sheets will  be  issued  to  each  student which will  contain  the following details:

 i)   The college in which the candidate has studied

 ii)  The list of courses enrolled during the semester and the grade scored.

 iii) The Grade Point Average (GPA) for the semester and

 iv) The Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of all courses enrolled from first semester onwards.

 GPA is the ratio of the sum of the products of the number of credits of courses enrolled and the points corresponding to the grades scored in those courses, taken for all the courses, to the sum of the credits of all courses registered.

 GPA = Sum of [C * GP] / Sum of C

              “C” Credits allotted for the subjects.

              “GP” Grade points earned.

 CGPA  will  be  calculated  in  a  similar  manner,  considering  all  the  courses  enrolled  from  first semester. “RA”, “I” and “W” grades will be excluded for calculating GPA and CGPA.


Attendance and Requirements for Completion of the Semester

 1  A  Candidate  who  has  fulfilled  the  following  conditions  shall  be  deemed  to  have  satisfied  the requirements for completion of a semester. Ideally every student is expected to attend all classes and secure 100% attendance. However, in order to allow for certain unavoidable reasons such as medical / participation in sports / personal (not exceeding 25%)  the student is expected to attend atleast 75% of the classes provided not less than 60% in individual courses during any semester commencing from first semester.

 2  However,  a  candidate who  secures  overall  attendance  between  65%  and  74%  in  that  current semester  due  to  medical  reasons  (prolonged  hospitalization  /  accident  /  specific  illness)  or participation in sports events may be permitted to appear for the current semester examinations subject  to  the  condition  that  the  candidate  shall  submit  the medical  certificate  for  the medical ground reasons or proof certificate for the sports persons, attested by the Head of the Institution. The same shall be forwarded to the Controller of Examinations for record purposes.

 3 Candidates who secure less than 65% of overall attendance shall not be permitted to write the University examination at the end of the semester and not permitted to go  to the next semester. They are required to repeat the incomplete semester in the next academic year. A candidate who is required  to  repeat  the  subjects of a particular  semester  for want of attendance  / progress or who  desires  to  rejoin  the  course  after  a  period  of  discontinuance  is  permitted  to  repeat  the subjects of  that  semester. Candidates may  join  the  semester  (for which  he  /  she  is  eligible  or permitted) only at the time of its normal commencement for the regular batch of students. 

4 The 5 marks for attendance shall be awarded as given below:

 Theory, Practical courses and Project Work

 76% to 80% of attendance                               -               1 Mark

 81% to 85% of attendance                               -               2 Marks

 86% to 90% of attendance                               -               3 Marks

 91% to 95% of attendance                               -               4 Marks

 96% to 100% of attendance                             -               5 Marks