Technologies / Processes
Technologies Available for Commercialisation

1. Aluminium alloy anode for cathodic protection (Based on Indium)

2. Aluminium alloy anodes for cathodic protection (Based on Mercury)

3. Anti-Corrosive treatment for steel reinforcement rods in R.C.C.

4. Magnesium alloy anode for cathodic protection

5. Zinc alloy anode for cathodic protection

6. Corrosion monitoring probe

7. Inhibitor   admixture to cement grout for protecting prestressing steel.

8. Passivating   solution for protection of prestressing steel while lying in cable duct.

9. Sulphur concrete technology for rapid repair of damaged concrete structures.

10.Cement polymer composite coating system for corrosion protection of reinforcing and prestressing steels.

11.Corrosion inhibiting system for corrosion protection of prestressing and reinforcing steel in sea water.

12.Corrosion resistant Portland Pozzalano Cement

13. Lacquer for corrosion prevention

14. Acid inhibitor for pickling (solid)

15. Low temperature zinc phosphating formulation

16. Rust preventive composition (Phosphating Jelly)

17. Rust converter

18. Rust and scale removing jelly

19. Paint stripper

20. Paint removing jelly

21. Rust converting primer

22. Soak cleaning compound for steel contaminated with oil.

23. Zinc ethylsilicate Primer

24. Corrosion inhibitor formulation for cooling water in Heat Exchange System

25. Zinc rich primer in organic medium

26. Epoxy silicon based heat resistant paint for protecting mild steel structure.

27. Insulation varnish CNSL based

28. Zinc Chromate Primer

29. Airdrying synthetic enamel finish paint

30. Preparation of high build epoxy mastic coating and sealant polyurethane coat for mild steel.

31. Reflective road marking paint

32. Preparation of multicoat protective coating system over concrete surfaces.

33. High Build mastic coating and sealent Polyurethene coat for MS structure in Acid, Neutral or Marine environment.

34. Flourescent and Reflective Traffic sign boards.

35. Neutral paint removing jelly.

36. Epoxy coal tar paints

37. Corrosion inhibiting system for corrosion protection of  prestressing and reinforcing steel in sea water.

38. Corrosion resistant Inhibitor admixture for Portland Pozzalano Cement

39. Preparation of clearing solution for boilers and heat exchanges.

40. Inhibitor formulation for and corrosion of metals during oil and gas well acidification

41. Deep discharge stationary lead acid battery

42. Lead acid storage battery for normal temperature operation

43. Lead acid battery (Low temperature operations)

44. Maintenance free lead acid battery (6V-6Ah) for use in emergency light.

45. Lead refining

46. Zinc from Galvanizer’s ash

47. Coating/recoating of anodes employed in ion exchange membrane based chlor-alkali cell for the production of caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen

48. Coating/recoating of cathodes employed in ion exchange membrane based chlor-     alkali cell for the production of caustic soda, chlorine and hydrogen

49. Electrochemical Conversion of Manganate to Potassium Permanganate Process for the

50. Electrolytic production of sodium hypochlorite

51. Process for the production of insoluble anodes for cathodic protection

52. Conductive hydrogel.

53. Sputter etching of Brass valves 

54. Digital corrosion meter

55. Pinhole detector

56. P.C. based pulse console for semiconductor deposition

57. Chemical polishing of copper and its alloys

58. Colouring of stainless steel

59. Decorative gold plating solution concentrate

60. Disposable Silver-Silver Chloride Electrodes for ECG applications

61. Electroforming of moulds and dies

62. Electropolishing of stainless steel surgical implants and instruments

63. Hard chrome plating of vacuum brake piston rods

64. Setting up of an electroplating unit

65. Electrochemical de-Arsenator

66. Electrochemical defluoridation of drinking water

67. Electrochemical preparation of iron free aluminium Nitrate

68. Electrolytic generation of Hydrogen

69. Electrochemical Fluorination of octonylchloride to perfluoro octonoic acid.


Sponsored Projects (SSP)
Projects which are funded either by the Private or Public Sectors to attain the specific objective and results of the project.

Collaborative Projects (CLP)
Project which are funded by two or more agencies either Private or Public to fulfill the need of the Agencies.

Consultancy Services
The services which are undertaken for the clients to provide assistance in scientific, Technical and Engineering problems, Literature survey, Troubleshooting & Quality Control with the available Knowledge base/Expertise of the Laboratory.

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