Electro organic and Materials Electrochemistry Milestones / Achievements Publications


S. No.AuthorsTitleJournal NameYearVolumeIssuePage No.
1 Lee, KM; Lin, LC; Chen, CY; Suryanarayanan, V; Wu,Preparation of High Transmittance Platinum CounterElectrochim. Acta2014135 578-584
2 Lee, KM; Lin, LC; Suryanarayanan, V; Wu, CGTitanium dioxide coated on titanium/stainless steeJ. Power Sources2014269 789-794
3 Sathyamoorthi, S; Suryanarayanan, V; Velayutham, DElectrochemical exfoliation and in situ carboxylicJ. Solid State Electrochem.201418102789-2796
4 Selvamani, V; Ravikumar, R; Suryanarayanan, V; VelFish scale derived nitrogen doped hierarchical porElectrochim Acta2015182 1-10
5 Saravanan, KR; Chandrasekaran, M; Suryanarayanan, Efficient electrocarboxylation of benzophenone on J Electroanal Chem2015757 18-22
6 Peng, JD; Lee, CP; Velayutham, D; Suryanarayanan, Dye-sensitized solar cells containing mesoporous TJ Mater Chem A20153126383-6391
7 Sathyamoorthi, S; Suryanarayanan, V; Velayutham, DOrgano-redox shuttle promoted protic ionic liquid J Power Sources2015274 1135-1139
8 Shahid Anwar-M, Sudalai Muthu-K, Ganesh-V, Lakshminarasimhan-NA comparative study of electrochemical capacitive behavior of NiFe 2O4 synthesized by different routesJ. Electrochem. Soc.2011158  
9 Arunkumar-P, Jayajothi-C, Jeyakumar-D, Lakshminarasimhan-NStructure-property relations in hexagonal and monoclinic BiPO4:Eu3+ nanoparticles synthesized by polyol- mediated methodRSC Advances20122 1477-1485
10 Muthu, KS; Lakshminarasimhan, NImpedance spectroscopic studies on NiFe2O4 with diCeram. Int.20133932309-2315
11 Ilayaraja, N; Prabu, N; Lakshminarasimhan, N; MuruAu-Pt graded nano-alloy formation and its manifestJ. Mater. Chem. A*20131124048-4056
12 Santhosh, S; Lakshminarasimhan, NImpedance spectroscopic studies, dielectric properCeram. Int.201440812129-12137
13 Lim, J; Murugan, P; Lakshminarasimhan, N; Kim, JY;Synergic photocatalytic effects of nitrogen and niJ. Catal.2014310 91-99
14 Muller, JG; Karthikeyan, J; Murugan, P; LakshminarInfluence of Structural Polymorphs on Tunable WhitJ. Phys. Chem. C20141183319308-19314