Corrosion & Material Protection Milestones / Achievements Technologies Developed


Technologies Developed
TitleDeveloped YearExclusive/ Non-ExclusiveNon-Technical Note
Aluminium alloy anodes for cathodic protection (Based on Indium) 2018 Non-Exclusive
Aluminium alloy anodes for cathodic protection (Based on Mercury) 2018 Non-Exclusive
Anti – corrosive treatement for steel reinforcement rods in R.C.C (Four Step Process) 2018 Non-Exclusive
Magnesium alloy anode for cathodic protection 2018 Non-Exclusive
Zinc alloy anode for cathodic protection 2018 Non-Exclusive
Corrosion Monitoring Probe 2018 Non-Exclusive
Sulphur concrete technology for rapid of damaged concrete structure 2018 Non-Exclusive
A process for corrosion protection of steel in reinforcing bars placed in well staining positioned in sea water by suitable inhibitor formulation 2018 Non-Exclusive
A Novel composite inhibitor system for improved corrosion resistance of Portland Pozzolana cement 2018 Non-Exclusive
Shop coating of cement based polymer composite coatings in automation unit 2018 Non-Exclusive
Passivating solution for protection of prestressing steel while lying in cable duct 2018 Non-Exclusive
Epoxy polyurethane coatings for concrete structures 2018 Non-Exclusive
Protective coating for chlor alkali industries 2018 Non-Exclusive
Development of Neutral paint removing jelly for metals and concrete Structures 2018 Non-Exclusive
Corrosion resistant thermal coating for Hydroclaves and Autoclaves. 2018 Non-Exclusive
Aqueous cleaning solution for removing oil and grease from steel components 2018 Non-Exclusive
Low cost anticorrosive coatings for marine and industrial structures 2018 Non-Exclusive
1.High temperature Zinc Phosphating 2018 Non-Exclusive
1.High temperature manganese phosphating 2018 Non-Exclusive
Yellow chromating for aluminium 2018 Non-Exclusive
Preparation of self passivating epoxy paint 2018
High Performance Moisture Compatible Corrosion Resistant Coating Systems 2018 Non-Exclusive
12.Water treatment chemicals used in cooling water system 2018
12.Corrosion protection of reinforcing steel and prestressing steel in seawater by a suitable multi-component inhibitor system 2018
Corrosion Resistant Portland Pozzolona Cement (CRPPC) 2018