R & D Support GroupSafety & Security

Safety and Security are two aspects that play vital roles in the well being of the individuals and directly affect the performance of any organisation. Lapse on these issues, immaterial of the volume, always result in casualties and loss of property. While security can be breached externally by sabotage and anti national elements, safety norms are compromised by individuals and thereby resulting in loss. Hence, all efforts are taken to inculcate safety culture in the Institute.

The CSIR-CECRI campus consisting of office buildings, research labs, quarters, guest house, hostels, schools, bank, post office etc. is in a safe and secure environment.  The safety aspects of the institute are taken care by the by Safety Committee headed by Dr. D. Velayutham, Chief Scientist as its Chairman and Mr. Thomas Alexander, Safety Officer as its Convener. Safety cell ensures that all necessary safety equipment and measures like fire extinguishers, first aid kits, lab coats, gloves, shoes, water, emergency exits, emergency contact information, safety procedures, etc., are in place.

  • Laboratory safety is ensured by concentrating on various fields of safety i.e Chemical safety, Electrical safety, Fire safety, Road safety and personal safety.
  • Proper guidelines are issued regarding storage , disposal and labeling of chemicals and an inventory of chemicals is maintained by each division.
  • Periodic checks are being carried out in electrical installations for proper earthing, condition of cables and junction boxes and the staff use high voltage gloves and rubber mats are laid in front of distribution panels.
  • Adequate quantity of fire extinguishers of various types for different classes of fire are positioned at vital points and the staff are trained to operate them by conducting mock drills.
  • Warning boards and speed breakers are provided at various points and speed limits are strictly imposed to ensure the safety of road users with in the institute and colony.
  • Personal Protective Equipments such as aprons, coats, gloves, goggles, respirators and safety boots are being used by all staff engaged in R&D activities and First Aid boxes are provided in all divisions.