Corrosion & Material Protection Milestones / Achievements Publications


S. No.AuthorsTitleJournal NameYearVolumeIssuePage No.
1 Vedalakshmi-R, Raj-AS, Palaniswamy-NIdentification of various chemical phenomena in concrete using thermal analysis Indian J. Chem. Technol.2008154388-396
2 Parthiban-GT, Bharanidharan-K, Dhayanand-D, Thirumalai Parthiban, Palaniswamy-N, Sivan-V Influence of Sacrificial Cathodic Protection on the Chloride Profile in ConcreteInt. J. Electrochem. Sci.20083101162-1168
3 Kumar-K, Karthikeyan-MS, Palaniswamy-NEvaluation of performance of grout materials in protection of prestressing steel Int. J. Electrochem. Sci.200833315-324
4 Muralidharan-S, Saraswathy-V, Thangavel-K, Palaniswamy-NElectrochemical studies on the performance characteristics of alkaline solid embeddable sensor for concrete environmentsSens. Actuators B20081302864-870
5 Parande-A, Dhayalan-P, Karthikeyan-MS, Kumar-K, Palaniswamy-NAssessment of Structural Behavior of Non-corroded and Corroded RCC Beams Using Finite Element MethodSens. Transd.2008969121-136
6 Parthiban-GT, Palaniswamy-N, Sivan-VEffect of manganese addition on anode characteristics of electrolytic magnesium Anti-Corros. Meth. Mater.200956279-83
7 Vedalakshmi-R, RajaGopalan-K, Palaniswamy-NDetermination of migration efficiency of amino alcohol based migrating corrosion inhibitor through concrete Corros. Eng. Sci. Technol.200944120-31
8 Vedalakshmi-R, Manoharan-SP, Song-HWApplication of harmonic analysis in measuring the corrosion rate of rebar in concrete Corros. Sci.200951112777-2789
9 Vedalakshmi-R, Saraswathy-V, Song-HW, Palaniswamy-NDetermination of diffusion coefficient of chloride in concrete using Warburg diffusion coefficientCorros. Sci.20095161299-1307
10 Parande-AK, Sivashanmugam-A, Beulah-H, Palaniswamy-NPerformance evaluation of low cost adsorbents in reduction of COD in sugar industrial effluent J. Hazard. Mater.20091682-3800-805
11 Muthukumar-N, Ilangovan-A, Maruthamuthu-S, Palaniswamy-N, Kimura-A1-Aminoanthraquinone derivatives as a novel corrosion inhibitor for carbon steel API 5L-X60 in white petrol-water mixtures Mater. Chem. Phys.20091151444-452
12 Maruthamuthu-S, Dhandapani-P, Ponmariappan-S, Bae-JH, Palaniswamy-N, Rahman-PKSMImpact of ammonia producing Bacillus sp on corrosion of cupronickel alloy 90:10 Metals Mater. Int.2009153409-419
13 Vedalakshmi-R, Dolli-H, Palaniswamy-NEmbeddable corrosion rate-measuring sensor for assessing the corrosion risk of steel in concrete structuresStruct. Control Health Monit.2009164441-459
14 Sathiyanarayanan-S, Jeyaram-R, Muthukrishnan-S, Venkatachari-GCorrosion Protection Mechanism of Polyaniline Blended Organic Coating on Steel J. Electrochem. Soc.20091564C127-C134
15 Selvaraj-M, Sathianarayanan-S, Muthukrishnan-S, Venkatachari-GCorrosion protective performance studies of coating systems in soda ash chemical industry Prog. Org. Coat.2009663206-212
16 Sathiyanarayanan-S, Maruthan-K, Muthukrishnan-S, Venkatachari-GHigh performance polyaniline containing coating system for wet surfacesProg. Org. Coat.2009662113-117
17 Kamaraj-K, Sathiyanarayanan-S, Muthukrishnan-S, Venkatachari-GCorrosion protection of iron by benzoate doped polyaniline containing coatings Prog. Org. Coat.2009644460-465
18 Ganesan-K, Rajagopal-K, Thangavel-KRice husk ash blended cement: Assessment of optimal level of replacement for strength and permeability properties of concreteConstr. Build. Mater.20082281675-1683
19 Muralidharan-S, Saraswathy-V, Madhavamayandi-A, Thangavel-A, Palaniswamy-NEvaluation of embeddable potential sensor for corrosion monitoring in concrete structuresElectrochim. Acta200853247248-7254
20 Song-HW, Saraswathy-V, Muralidharan-S, Thangavel-KTolerance limit of chloride for steel in blended cement mortar using the cyclic polarisation techniqueJ. Appl. Electrochem.2008384445-450
21 Muralidharan-S, Saraswathy-V, Thangavel-K, Palaniswamy-NElectrochemical studies on the performance characteristics of alkaline solid embeddable sensor for concrete environmentsSens. Actuators B20081302864-870
22 Thangavel-K, Muralidharan-S, Saraswathy-V, Quraishi-MA, Ann-KYMigrating vs admixed corrosion inhibitors for steel in portland, pozzolona and slag cement concretes under macro cell conditionArab. J. Sci. Eng.2009342C81-93
23 Song-HW, Saraswathy-V, Muralidharan-S Lee-CH, Thangavel-K Role of alkaline nitrites in the corrosion performance of steel in composite cements J. Appl. Electrochem.200939115-22
24 Thangavel-K, Muralidharan-S, Saraswathy-V, Ann-KY, Balamurugan-LRelationship between alumina and chloride content on their physical and corrosion resistance properties of concreteArab. J. Sci. Eng.2010352B27-38
25 Premkumar-P, Kannan-K, Natesan-MThyme extract of Thymus vulgar L. as volatile corrosion inhibitor for mild steel in NaCl environmentAsian J. Chem.2008201445-451