Corrosion & Material Protection Overview Capabilities
  • Condition survey of existing structures
  • Corrosion monitoring of new structures
  • Assessment of residual life based on rate of corrosion
  • Evaluation of surface coatings for concrete and steel rebar
    Cathodic protection of sub-structures
  • Repair and rehabilitation of corrosion-affected structures.
  • Ultilisation of waste product in construction
  • Online monitoring of bridges and structures
  • Development of corrosion protective coatings for reinforcement bars
  • Development of inhibitive systems for protection of rebars
  • Test facilities for evaluation of inhibitors, cements coated rebars etc,.
  • Development of various alloy anodes for sacrificial protection
    Development of techniques for the impressed current systems.
  • Designing of cathodic protection system
  • Test services like soil resistivity measurements, bacterial analysis, potential measurements, anode efficiency cathodic disbondment tests on coatings, detection of flaw in pipelines etc,.
    SCC testing for various metals and alloys