Name:  Dr. Poonam Singh

Designation: Senior Scientist

Qualification: M.Sc., Ph.D.

Date of Joining CSIR: 02-03-2006

Contact Details:        Dr. Poonam Singh

       Senior Scientist

                                               Corrosion and Materials Protection Division

               CSIR- Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi

               Phone (Office):  +91-4565-241357

               Phone (Mobile):  + 8004928275



Some Selected Publications:

  • ¯  Ankur Omer, Poonam Singh* An integrated approach of network-based systems biology, molecular docking, and molecular dynamics approach to unravel the role of existing antiviral molecules against AIDS-associated cancer Journal of Biomolecular -Structure and Dynamics (2017), 35 (7), 1547–1558 (I.F. 3.0)

    ¯  Navneet Kumar Yadav, Chetan Sharma, Karan Singh Saini, Jiaur R. Gayen, Zakir Hossain, Poonam Singh*, Ankur Omer, K. R. Arya and R. K. Singh Saraca indica Bark Extract Shows In Vitro Antioxidant, Antibreast Cancer Activity and Does Not Exhibit Toxicological Effects Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 2015. (I.F. 3.52)

    ¯ Selvaraj, C.; Omer, A,; Singh, P.; Singh, S. K., Molecular insights of protein contours recognition with ligand pharmacophoric sites through combinatorial library design and MD simulation in validating HTLV-1 PR inhibitors. Molecular Biosystems 2015. DOI: 10.1039/C4MB00486H (I.F. 3.183)

    ¯  Omer A, Singh Poonam*, Yadav NK and Singh RK. MicroRNAs: Role in Leukemia and their computational Perspective. RNA (Wiley-WIRES) 2014 (I.F. 6.2)

    ¯  Yadav, N. K.; Shukla, P.; Omer, A.; Singh, P.; Singh, R. K. Alternative methods in toxicology: CFU assays application, limitation and future prospective. Drug and Chemical Toxicology 2015, (0), 1-12. [IF: 1.23]

    ¯  Dubey, C. K.; Meena, A. K.; Mishra, V.; Singh, P.; Bansode, F. W.; Singh, R. K. Antioxidant and Haematoprotective Activity of the Saraca indica Stem Bark. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research 2015, 6(4), 1430.

    ¯  Chandrabose Selvaraj, Poonam Singh, Sanjeev Kumar Singh. Molecular modeling studies and comparative analysis on structurally similar HTLV and HIV protease using HIV-PR inhibitors, Journal of Receptors and Signal Transduction 2014 doi:10.3109/10799893.2014.898659 (IF: 1.630)

    ¯  Singh Poonam*, Gupta Rakhi, Patidar Devendra, Singh R.K Male Infertility: Causes and Contributors Journal of Pharmaceutical  sciences and Research Issue of International Journal of Pharmaceutical  sciences and Research 2014, 5(6): 1000-1017  (ELSEVIER- Embase, Projected I.F. 2.44)

    ¯  Reddy KK, Singh Poonam, Singh SK. Blocking the interaction between HIV-1 integrase and human LEDGF/p75: mutational studies, virtual screening and molecular dynamics simulations. Molecular Biosystems. 2014, 10(3): 526-536 (I.F. 3.35)

    ¯  Omer A, Singh Poonam, Yadav NK and Singh RK An overview of data mining algorithms in drug induced toxicity prediction. Mini Review in Medicinal Chemistry 2014, 14(4): 345-354 (IF: 2.87)

    ¯  Katiyar S, Patidar D, Gupta S, Singh RK and Singh Poonam* Some Indian Traditional Medicinal Plants with Antioxidant Activity: A Review International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology. Dec. 2013; 2(12), 7303-7314( ISRA I.F. 1.672) 

    ¯  Omer A, Yadav NK, Singh Poonam and Singh RK Hematological malignancies: role of miRNAs and their in silico aspects. Expert Review of Anticancer Therapy 2013; 13(9) 1121-1133 (IF: 2.066)

    ¯  Poonam Singh*, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Chandrabose Selvaraj and Rama Kant Singh. In silico study on HIV-PRIs substructures to terminate proteolytic activity in HTLV, Journal of Biomolecular structure and Dynamics (in Abstract booklet of Albany 2013) (I.F. 2.98)

    ¯  Abhilasha Saxena, Rakhi Gupta, Chetan Kumar Dubey, Poonam Singh, F.W. Bansode, R.K. Singh. Molecular Toxic Assessment of Potassium Nitrate by using CFU-GM Assay. Journal of Recent Advances in Applied Sciences. 2013; 28, 96-99

    ¯  Poonam Singh, Rakhi Gupta, Chetan Kumar Dubey, R.K. Singh. CFU-GM Assay as a Diagnostic Test for Toxic Assessment of Chemicals. Journal of Recent Advances in Applied Sciences. 2013; 28, 84-89

    ¯  Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Sunil Kumar Tripathi, Nigus Dessalew, Poonam Singh. Cyclin Dependent Kinase as Significant Target for Cancer Treatment.Current Cancer Therapy Reviews, 2012; 8(3), 225-235.

    ¯  Sunil Kumar Tripathi, Sanjeev Kumar Singh, Poonam Singh, Palanikumar Chellaperumal, Karnati Konda Reddy, Chandrabose Selvaraj. Exploring the selectivity of a ligand complex with CDK2/CDK1: A molecular dynamics simulation approach. Journal of Molecular Recognition. 2012. 25. 504&