Chennai Milestones / Achievements Publications


S. No.AuthorsTitleJournal NameYearVolumeIssuePage No.
1 Shanthi-C, Barathan-S, Jaiswal-R, Arunachalam-RM, Mohan-SThe effect of pulse parameters in electro deposition of silver alloyMater. Lett.200862304519-4521
2 Rajasekaran-N; Mohan-SPreparation, corrosion and structural properties of Cu-Ni multilayers from sulphate/citrate bathCorros. Sci.20095192139-2143
3 Saravanan-G, Mohan-SCorrosion behavior of Cr electrodeposited from Cr(VI) and Cr(III)-baths using direct (DCD) and pulse electrodeposition (PED) techniquesCorros. Sci.2009511197-202
4 Rajasekaran-N, Mohan-SStructure, microstructure and corrosion properties of brush-plated Cu-Ni alloy J. Appl. Electrochem.200939101911-1916
5 Saravanan-G, Mohan-SPulsed electrodeposition of microcrystalline chromium from trivalent Cr-DMF bath J. Appl. Electrochem.20093981393-1397
6 Mohan-S, Rajasekaran-NPulse electrodeposition of tin from sulphate bathSurf. Eng.2009258634-638
7 Mohan-S, Vijayakumar-J, Saravanan-GInfluence of CH3SO3H and AlCl3 in direct and pulse current electrodeposition of trivalent chromiumSurf. Eng.2009258570-576
8 Balasubramanian-A, Srikumar-DS, Raja-G, Saravanan-G, Mohan-SEffect of pulse parameter on pulsed electrodeposition of copper on stainless steel Surf. Eng.2009255389-392
9 Ilayaraja-M, Mohan-S, Gnanamuthu-RM, Saravanan-GNanocrystalline zinc-nickel alloy deposition using pulse electrodeposition (PED) technique Trans. Inst. Met. Finish.2009873145-148
10 Mohan-S, Ravindran-V, Subramanian-B, Saravanan-GElectrodeposition of zinc-nickel alloy by pulse plating using non-cyanide bathTrans. Inst. Met. Finish.200987285-89
11 Saravanan-G, Mohan-SStructure, current efficiency, and corrosion properties of brush electrodeposited (BED) Cr from Cr(III)dimethyl formamide (DMF)-bathJ. Appl. Electrochem.20104011-6
12 Saravanan-G, Mohan-SElectrodeposition of Fe-Ni-Cr alloy from Deep Eutectic System containing Choline chloride and Ethylene Glycol Int. J. Electrochem. Sci.20116 1468-1478
13 Rajasekaran-N, Mohan-SEffect of bath temperature on corrosion resistance and structure of Cu-Ni alloy electrodeposited by brush plating method Trans. Inst. Metal Finish.201129 83-88
14 Mohan-S, Saravanan-G, Bund-ARole of magnetic forces in pulse electrochemical deposition of Ni-nanoAl(2)O(3) compositesElectrochimica Acta201264 94-99
15 Saravanan-G, Mohan-SStructure, composition and corrosion resistance studies of Co-Cr alloy electrodeposited from deep eutectic solvent (DES)Journal of Alloys and Compounds2012522 162-166
16 Gnanamuthu-RM, Mohan-S, Saravanan-G, Lee-CWComparative study on structure, corrosion and hardness of Zn-Ni alloy deposition on AISI 347 steel aircraft materialJournal of Alloys and Compounds2012513 449-454
17 Vijayakumar, J; Mohan, S; Kumar, SA; Suseendiran, Electrodeposition of Ni-Co-Sn alloy from choline cInt. J. Hydrog. Energy2013382510208-10214
18 Jha, SK; Kumar, CN; Raj, RP; Jha, NS; Mohan, SSynthesis of 3D porous CeO2/reduced graphene oxideElectrochim. Acta2014120 308-313
19 Rajasekaran, N; Mohan, S; Jagannathan, RPatterning in Co-Cu Electrodeposits (Ampere Map!),J. Electrochem. Soc.20141615D214-D218
20 Rajasekaran, N; Pogany, L; Revesz, A; Toth, BG; MoStructure and Giant Magnetoresistance of ElectrodeJ. Electrochem. Soc.20141616D339-D348
21 Chandrasekaran, N; Sivabalan, S; Prathap, A; MohanDelocalization of electronic states in graphene oxRSC Adv.201443417879-17883
22 Raj, RP; Ragupathy, P; Mohan, SRemarkable capacitive behavior of a Co3O4-polyindoJ Mater Chem A201534824338-24348
23 Arunachalam, R; Gnanamuthu, RM; Al Ahmad, M; MohanDevelopment of nano-spherical RuO2 active materialSurf Coat Technol2015276 336-340
24 Saravanan, G; Mohan, SFormation of silver nanorod arrays in an anodised Trans Inst Met Finish2015935248-254
25 Balasubramanian-A, Karthikeyan-N, Giridhar-VVSynthesis and characterization of LaNiO3-based platinum catalyst for methanol oxidationJ. Power Sources20081852670-675