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Welcome to CSIR-CECRI website!

Commensurate with the increasing opportunities thrown open in the recent past and the associated challenges, we at CSIR-CECRI have effected several administrative changes to facilitate collective decision-making, transparency in dealings and, above all, improved efficiency. On the one hand, we, with active support from CSIR, yoke all our energy to build a world-class research institute striving for global scientific impact; on the other, we strive to provide quality solutions to existing and emerging technological problems, enabling inclusive economic development. Our strategy is double-edged: to fulfil societal aspirations as well as to meet the demand of stakeholders. It would be in keeping with CSIR’s Vision and Strategy 2022 and in tune with the sobering realities of our local environment. In addition to new initiatives (such as ERP implementation) for generating resources/business in line with the changing times, we are also poised to launch a HR policy that would enable pumping in a new breed of young researchers, who will have a vision to create new research domains and harness innovative research, tapping all available resources and with no stone unturned.

The success of any research institute lies in transferring bench-scale technologies to the industry/society. This calls for a paradigm shift in our approach, with emphasis laid on technologies that can lead to creation of spin-off companies, greater economic impact, and royalty and reduced environmental footprint.

We have been able to bring about reforms in the curriculum of the undergraduate program in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. The improved curriculum is a step forward in our mission to keep in tune with the dynamic, changing academic environment. This elite program is designed to mould our students as effective leaders in competitive global settings.

The past one year has been a truly memorable one for us for several reasons including the implementation of the CECRI webmail, increased intake of CSIR-qualified PhD scholars through AcSIR, formation of the Administrative Collegium, and, more recently, the visit of the former President, Dr. A.P.J. Abdul Kalam and Prof Samir K Brahmachari - DG-CSIR.

We now look forward to a spurt in research projects, high impact publications, international patents, and new partnerships with reputed academic and industrial establishments. The XI FYP projects were springboards for advanced research. The enthusiasm generated by them should dovetail seamlessly into the XII FYP projects. Past disappointments are done and dusted, but will be lessons for tasks ahead. We should view the XII FYP projects through rose-colored glasses, and pursue them with verve and a dogged commitment for maximizing output at all levels to the benefit of the society at large.

The inter-disciplinary composition of Team CECRI should enable teamwork in cutting-edge fundamental electrochemistry, computation and modelling, solar energy conversion, functional materials, smart coatings, clean energy generation by polymer electrolyte fuel cells, etc. The track record of the institute must be matched by overall happiness of all staff and students. I am confident that success will continue, strengthening our resolve, optimism and outlook. By the end of 2013, CSIR-CECRI should emerge as one of the flagship research institutes of CSIR.

I welcome you to explore the website for more information on research activities and output. Please use the suggestion box in the director's page for all your opinions and comments so that we can implement for the improvement. I also urge you to feel free in sharing new ideas that may inspire us to do better. Please remember that it is you who shape the destiny of the institute. 

With best wishes!

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