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CECRI Engineering Council (CEC) has been created in Central Electro Chemical Research Institute, in order to improve the work out put of all engineering division with the available man powers.  The composition of CEC is one Chairman from the CAC (CECRI Administrative Collegium) in the rank of Scientist – G. The Chairman, CEC will present the outcome of the meeting to the CAC. The members are the Leaders/Heads and Senior Technical Officers of the sections under the CEC.

  1. General Engineering Work Section (GEWS)
  2. Scientific Technical Work Section (STWS)
  3. Electrical Section (ES)
  4. Civil Section (CS)
  5. Lab Supervising Section (LSS)
  6. Transport Maintenance Section (TMS)

Present Chairperson: Dr M.selvam, Chief Scientist                               


GEWACS consists of AC maintenance, Carpentering, Fitting, Plumbing, Welding and Artist under two STOs and sixteen permanent staffs. Functions of this Section, Lab & Campus AC maintenance as well as procurement of new Air-conditions Lab & Campus Carpentry maintenance, Lab & Campus Fitting maintenance, Lab & campus welding and Artist works


 Scientific Technical Work Section consists of Design group, CNC, Grinding, Machining, Milling, Lathe, PVC and Glass blowing. The knowledge of the design group is useful for many Divisions like Battery, Fuel cell etc.    For fabrication and machining we have CNC machining Center & lathe, Conventional Grinding, Milling, Lathe, PVC and Glass blowing.    In addition to this we conduct workshop practical every year to B.Tech First Year students.


Electrical Section is an independent section.  Major activities of electrical section are maintenance of generators, electrical appliances and electrical repairing work lab as well as staff quarters.  Functions of electrical section are:-Generator maintenance / servicing, High Tension (HT) wiring / underground cabling, HT power maintenance and distribution (Lab and residential area) servicing / testing of electrical appliances, Proper electrical distribution and connection to high power consuming equipment like Furnace etc. Lab electrical maintenance Residential electrical maintenance and supporting on Costing/Estimation of electrical component of the Civil work 


The Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi is established in 293.50 acres of land. The Institute has 250 staff quarters, located on eastern & western sides, having internal roads of covering an area of 7.94 acres. The Institute also has extension centers at Mandapam and Tuticorin having built-up area 55470sq.m & 506.30sq.m respectively and extension centers also have staff quarters of built-up area 987.0+384.0sq.m. In the institute campus, Health Centre, Community Centre, Gymnasium, Sishu Vidyalaya are also functioning as service amenities, for which regular maintenance & up-keeping are being taken care by Civil Engineering Division. The water supply for the total Institute and Quarters are being provided from Bore-well situated within the Campus. One R.O.Plant of 1,000 liters capacity/Hour is installed exclusively for the users of Quarters occupants. The campus is luminated with 350 street lights. The Centre for Education (B.Tech) is functioning within the Institute. The Boys & Girls hostels together can accommodate of 150 students and total maintenance of both hostels are being attended by Civil Engineering Division. Apart from the above infrastructure facilities in the Institute, new constructions and renovation/repair works of entire campus also undertaken by the Civil Engineering Division. Functions are: New Construction works of Institute & staff quarters. Renovation and repair works of various divisions & staff quarters. Regular maintenance works in staff quarters. Bore-well water pumping and distribution arrangement of entire Institute and Staff Quarters, Guest house, B.Tech hostel, Kendriya Vidyalaya, Community Centre, Health Centre etc.  Installed and Commissioned of R.O.Plant having capacity of 1,000 liters/hour in the staff quarters area for benefit of Quarters occupants. Maintaining Roads, Water drainage canals. Any other civil engineering service/s assigned.


 Two Senior Technical officers are looking after the lab maintenance which comprises of keeping the lab premises, labs and lavatory in a neat condition.  Under those TOs 23 contract labourers are working. Functions of LSS are shifting of materials from one place to other maintenance of our B.Tech hostel and our residential area.  Every Saturday with the help of Illuppaikudi Panchayat sanitation workers the residential area is cleaned.


There are six Technicians are working in transport section. One supervisor of mechanical / automobile engineering back ground for the maintenance of vehicles.  Division has One Bus, One Jeep, One Sumo, Three Cars, one Tractor, & One Ambulance, providing transport support for Research scholars, Staff members, VIP Gust & Students.


Workshop Modernization consist replacement of out dated/ Unserviceable machines with new latest Technology Conventional machines fitted with DRO & 5Axis CNC Machining Center for High speed/Micro machining center, Training on Programming and operation of Computerized Numerical Control Machines (CNC), CAD/CAM  for fresh/Experienced Graduate/Diploma  Engineer, To create skilled Technical personals.


Scientific & Technical guidance as on when required for XI & XII five year Plan projects as well as Machine shop Practical Class for First Year B Tech Engineering students'. R &D Machining & Fabrication work to Network /In House/IAP/FAC/MLP/OLP/SIP-18/GAP/CNP/SSP projects.


WORKSHOP: 04565-241263, DRAWING: 04565-241268, CNC ROOM: 04565-241473

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