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Functional Materials Overview

The theme of the division is Functional Materials for Energy and Environment. Materials science is an interdisciplinary area of research involving the application of chemistry to the design, synthesis, characterization, understanding and utilization of materials with potentially useful physico-chemical properties. Functional materials are materials with designed properties serving specified application needs and cater to diverse applications in energy, environment and catalysis. They play vital and indispensable role in the progress of energy efficient and green technologies applicable in day to day life. The division concentrates on research activities relating to new materials for energy generation and savings. In addition, Greener synthetic strategies for improvement of properties of existing materials are looked into. FMD concentrates on bimetallic nanomaterials, Phosphors for CFL and white LED, materials for solid state ionics, materials for supercapacitors, organic materials for LED and OPV, conducting polymers for multifarious applications and carbonaceous materials. This division also concentrates on the computational materials science for simulation and modeling of battery materials, nanostructures, fuel cell catalysts etc. This Division comprises seven scientists, one research associate, one Jawaharlal fellow, nine research scholars, one research intern and four project assistants. In addition, number of B.Tech students of this institute is looking into various aspect of materials chemistry. We also have good number of M.Sc., M.Tech and M.Phil. students carrying our their project work.

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