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Electro organic and Materials Electrochemistry People in Research Group Research Guidance
Research Guidance
S. No.Name of the ScholarThesis TitleYear of Completion
1 AkamusaM.Sc Electrodeposition of Ag in Triethylammonium formate2016
2 C. JayajothiPolyol-mediated synthesis of MPO4:Eu3+ [M = Bi and La] phosphors and their photoluminescent properties2010
3 C. ShenbagadeviSynthesis, characterization and electrochemical capacitive behaviour of copper tungstate2011
4 G. SivagamisundariOptical properties of ZnO and CdO thin films fabricated by sol-gel method2011
5 G. V. Azhagia NambiFabrication and characterization of transparent thin films of TiO2 and ZnO by sol-gel spin coating method2011
6 G.Panjima M.Sc Studies on the anodic dissolution of Ni and Cu in different solvents containing fluoroborate salts2011
7 K. Vignesh, G. Mahalakshmi Titanium dioxide as anode material for lithium-ion batteries2012
8 KP.SaranyaM.Sc Electrodeposition of Cu in EMIMS2016
9 M. DeepaM. Sc., The influence of solvents and fluoride source on the anodic behavior of copper in non-aqueous media2008
10 M. SheelaM. Phil -Electrochemical oxidation of phenols on BDD electrode in aqueous media2009
11 M. VigneswaranM.Phil Studies on electrochemical trifluoromethylation of methyl isonicotinate2012
12 M. VijayalakshmiM.Sc Electrooxidation of 2,6-dichlorophenols on BDD in aqueous and non-aqueous media2010
13 MaivizhiM.Phil Synthesis and electrochemical characterization of fluoro and non-fluoro anion based novel room temperature ionic liquids2011
14 Prem Prakash SolankiMolecular and impedance spectroscopic studies on La(III) and Nb(V) substituted BaBiO32012
15 R. KumudaM.Phil Adsorption effect on BDD and GC electrodes for the voltammetric oxidation of 2,6-dimethoxy phenol in different electrolyte media2010
16 R. RevathiM.Sc Electrodepostion of Cobalt in TEMAMS2016
17 R. Vinith Gandhi, G. Rahul and G. KamalanathanStructure-morphology-property correlations in Fe-based oxide nanoparticles for electrochemical energy applications2011
18 T. BalaganapathiSynthesis and Characterization of Niobium substituted titanium dioxide thin films for transparent conducting oxide application2012
19 V SelvamaniPh.D Ionic liquids as electrolytes for energy Devices 
20 V. Antoe JasmineM. Phil Electrochemical behavior of silver in different aqueous solvents containing fluoride media2008
21 V. RameshM.Sc Electrochemical oxidation of 2,6-dimethoxy phenol and mesitylene on BDD and GC in aqueous media2010

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