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Mandapam Projects Future Plan / Roadmap

The influence of sunlight on marine corrosion and cathodic protection forms the major research topic for the future. It is also the goal to develop eco-friendly antifouling compunds from marine and terrestrial natural products. The major work titles and specific objectives for the future are as under:

  • Influence of sunlight on marine corrosion and the application of photoinhibition principle & Influence of sunlight and marine fouling on calcareous deposition and the performance of cathodic protection Objectives:

    • To establish a strong database for marine corrosion in relation to sunlight and the optical properties of seawater

    • To make a systematic evaluation of the most beneficial spectral ranges and power densities that produce the largest benefit for different alloys.

    • To investigate the relative roles of photoelectrochemistry (photoinhibition) and biological mechanisms - photoinactivation in corrosion prevention and photo-assisted phenomena in calcareous deposition.

    • To decipher the major mechanisms and to portray theoretical modelling of the phenomena.

    • To provide practical applications of the beneficial effects of light to practical marine and industrial situations and challenges.

  • Development of eco-friendly antifouling coatings from marine and terrestrial natural products Objectives:

    • To develop eco-friendly antifouling coatings from marine natural products & terrestrial natural products.

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