gc-ms spectrometer agilent 7890A gc and 5975c mass

Technical Specification


Agilent Technologies

Model No

7890 A Series GC with 5975C Mass Spectrometer

Gas Chromatography

Sample Type

Organic & Volatile liquids


Split / Splitless (standard)

Oven Temperature

+4° C to 450°C

Oven ramps/plateaus

Constant, 20/21 Positive/Negative ramps

Carrier Gas Control

Constant Pressure and Flow Modes, Pressure Flow Programmable Modes


Retention Time Locking

Mass Selective Detector

Ion Source Type

Inert Electronic Ionization (EI)

Mass Filter

Monolithic Hyperbolic Quardrapole

Maximum Mass

1050 amu


Triple Axis HED EM

Scan Rate

upto 12,500 amu/sec

Sample nature & Sample requirement

Liquid Sample :

Sample should be transparent and clear liquid free from moisture and suspended impurities.


Sample Quantity

0.25 g – 0.5 g

Note : Sample should not be corrosive.


Agilent 7890A GC and 5975C Mass