Electroplating and Metal Finishing Overview

Electroplating and Metal Finishing Technology (EMFT) Division is one of the oldest division of CSIR - Central Electrochemical Research Institute, Karaikudi. This division is playing a momentous role in the development and growth of several metal manufacturing and other engineering industries. We have several R&D activities ranging from fundamental to applied electroplating technological science in general. Some of them are listed here: 

Technology for Electroplating of Trivalent Chromium and Hard Chrome: We have developed electroplating of chromium from both hexavalent and trivalent baths on various substrates and components. As hexavalent chromium is going to be banned internationally in near future, our trivalent Cr plating   has a great potential to cater the aviation and automobile industries. 
Technology for Electroplating of Gold, Silver, Rare Earth Metals, Refractory Metals and Alloys: Large (Pilot) scale electroplating of various substrates ranging from needles to large components.

Anodizing and Hard Anodizing: Electrochemical oxidation of metal surface to yield corrosion resistant, high hardness and pleasing appearance. Recently, we have transferred the process to various MSMEs. Hard anodizing on aluminium components like shock absorbers for WABCO TVS which has been used for BMW cars. Also we have expertise on coloring of anodized aluminium. 
Lead Free Plating: Lead free plating on Copper based alloys used in bearings for Railways and automobile industries. 

Barrel Electropolishing: We have also developed barrel electropolishing technology for small components like surgical needles. 

Electropolishing: We have technology for electro-polishing in aqueous and non-aqueous (Low Temp Molten Salt/ Ionic liquid) medium electrolytic bath. 

Brush Plating: We have expertise on localized plating of OEM components using brush plating.

Electroless Plating: Our division has done several projects, technical and consultancy services to various Indian industries. Some of them are: Electroless nickel on Beryllium rings and discs for space mirrors, on textile aluminium drums, on marraging steel LCA components for ADA, on alumina ceramic rods for electronic resistors
Cyanide-free Electroplating Baths: We have developed cyanide free brass, copper, silver and gold plating baths for higher thickness. The brass and copper plating bath has already been demonstrated at Moradabad (UP) based brass industry. 

Self-assembled Monolayer (SAMs) Coatings: We have developed atomic layer thick self assembled layer for protecting metals and alloys from corrosion and tarnishing. 

Electroforming Technology: Our division has expertise on electroforming of larger size materials like Cryogenic Rocket engine thrust chambers, steering engines, linear accelerators, waveguides, hologram, nickel crucible, molds and dies.

3D-Printing for Metals and Alloys: An emerging technology 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing is revolutionizing the way object and functional devices are fabricated by combining design and manufacture of objects or functional devices in a single process. Target beneficiaries will be Aerospace industry, Automobile industry and Biomedical industry.

Apart from the mentioned activities, we are also working on following mentioned theme:

Theme 1: Studies of Magnetic Materials and Its Applications

Theme 2: Mathematical Modeling and Numerical Simulation

Theme 3: Electrochemical Energy Storage and Conversion, and Sensors

Theme 4: Dye Sensitized Solar Cell & Quantum Dots
Theme 5: Studies with Weightless Materials 
Theme 6: Electrochemical Reduction of CO2

Selected Clients:

1. The Boeing USA
2. N.L.C. India Ltd.
3. Indian Railway
4. TVS
5. Bimetallic Bearings
6. Sieco Engg. Pvt. Ltd.

Strategic Sectors:

1. DRDO India