Corrosion & Material Protection People in Research Group Research Guidance
Research Guidance
S. No.Name of the ScholarThesis TitleYear of Completion
1 S,SelvarajDezincification of brass and its inhibition.2004
2 A.Daniel ArulrajChemical admixtures – A toll to increase the durability of concrete structures2005
3 A.Ganesh, A.Vivek RamsunderEvaluation of coating system of rebars for corrosion protection embedded in concrete2006
4 A.SubramanianDevelopment of vapour phase corrosion inhibitor for mild steel,copperand brass2001
5 Ashwini GCO2 corrosion2018
6 B.MohanaPerformance evaluation of inhibitors for corrosion of galvanized rebars in simulated concrete environment2003
7 BindhyaEncapsulation techniques 
8 C.LathaPerformance evaluation of galvanized rebars exposed in simulated concrete environments made with PPC2011
9 CN.Dhivya, N.Medilda, Paulose, Tilva ThomasCorrosion evaluation of steel reinforcement in concrete by the use of inhibitors2010
10 D.Madhan KumarCorrosion monitoring of rebars in concrete made with OPC and PPC2006
11 Dr.A.RajasekarIdentification of hydrocarbon degrading bacteria by 16SrDNA gene sequencing and their role on corrosion of petroleum product pipeline.2008
12 Dr.G.GunasekaranSynergistic inhibition of corrosion of mild steel using 2-carboxyethyl phosphonic acid, zinc ions, and organic additives.1998
13 Dr.J.MathiyarasuStudies on the mechanistic aspects of dissolution of cupronickel alloys in chloride environments2001
14 Dr.K.IlangovanKinetics and mechanism of dissolution of iron in alcoholic and acidic sulphate and chloride solutions2007
15 Dr.N.MuthukumarInvestigation of internal corrosion and its inhibition in petroleum products transporting pipeline2008
16 Dr.R.BhaskaranCorrosion auditing in Indian industries and computation of cost of corrosion2005
17 Dr.R.NatarajanCorrosion behaviour of stainless steel in acidic environment2003
18 Dr.R.RajalakshmiAssessment of indigenous plant materials – seeds , bark and leaves of Ficus religiosa and Ficus benghalensis – as corrosion inhibitors for mild steel in acid medium” 2006
19 Dr.R.SarathaCorrosion inhibition effect of long chain amines for steel in acid medium2001
20 Dr.S.RajendranSynergistic effect of phosphonates and Zn2+ ions on the inhibition of corrosion of mild steel in neutral aqueous environment1996
21 Dr.S.SubhashiniCorrosion inhibition studies of Mild steel in acid media by extracts of legemenous seeds as eco-friendly inhibitors2006
22 G.Nirmala DeviStudies on corrosion performance of mild steel and corrosion resistant steel rebars exposed in cement extracts made with various types of cement2003
23 H.Sathik Ibrahim, R.Ashok RajCorrosion protection of steel in concrete using inhibitors2006
24 J.Arokya subojiniStudies on corrosion performance of mild steel and stainless steel rebars exposed in cement extract made with PPC2011
25 J.ChithraStudies on corrosion performance of mild steel, TMT and Stainless steel rebars exposed in cement extract made with OPC cement2006