Core Areas

My research interest is nano-scale material design and electrochemical evaluation of their

performances towards fuel cells, electrolyzers, photo-electrochemical cells (PEC) and dye

sensitized solar cells. The design and synthesis is then complemented with ex-situ

characterization of the catalytic material. In particular, X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy

(XPS) and transmission electron microscope (TEM) experiments are periodically conducted

at CECRI. The combination of design, synthesis, and characterization of variations in the

material at the atomic/molecular scale to expressed macroscopic properties such as improved

reactivity, enhanced diffusion and durability. The major part of my current research activity

involves the development of nano-structured metal oxide (as support for Pt and Pd

metals) based catalysts in association with structural investigations by XPS, TEM and

evaluation of their performance by employing rotating ring disc electrode (RRDE)

techniques for  oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) in acidic and alkaline fuel cells.