Allied Areas

The other area of research involves the design and development of Graphene decorated

sesnor electrodes for estimation of glucose, neurotransmitters and thiols (cancer markers)

Broadly, it involves with 3 aspects: (1) preparation of  Functionalized-Graphene composite

film electrodes with enhanced charge storage capacity, high film permeability, increased

electron transfer rate, high stability etc; (2) understanding the morphological and

compositional influences by film preparation methdos, by employing spectroscopic

(UV-Visible, ESR), microscopic (SEM, STM, AFM) and physiochemical methods

(EDXA, XRD, magnetic measurements); (3) application of the superior Functionalized-Graphene 

composite film as an amperometric sensor electrode for electro-oxidative estimation of

glucose, thiols, neurotransmitters, and electroreductive estimation of H2O2.