Core Areas

  • I am working in diverse areas of electrochemistry for the past 20 years. My research primarily focussed on the areas of electrochemical water treatment, hydrogen generation by water electrolysis, synthesis of electro-inorganic chemicals, electrochemical waste management, electro-catalysis, magnesium batteries.


     The subject of my doctoral work was “Electrolytic Preparation of chlorates and per chlorates of alkaline earth metals”, which had not been attempted by electrolytic method in view of the precipitation of less soluble alkaline earth metal hydroxides. This problem has been obviated by suitable cell design, which prevented or minimized the precipitation of hydroxides, thereby making the electrolytic process for the preparation of alkaline earth metal chlorate and perchlorates feasible.

    Treatment of drinking water containing inorganic and organic and persistent organic contaminants by electrocoagulation

    Treatment of drinking water containing persistent organic pollutants (POPs) by advanced electrochemical oxidation (anodic oxidation, electro-Fenton) process

    Production and reactions of the oxygenated radicals

    Electrochemical synthesis of hypochlorite and hydrogen peroxide.

    Electrochemical ozone generation based on PEM technology

    Development of catalysts / membrane for Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) based water electrolyser for hydrogen generation.

    Development of materials for photo-electrochemical generation of hydrogen