CSR Activities of CSIR-CECRI:

CSIR-CECRI welcomes Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) funding for Societal Innovations through Research and Development.

As per the companies act, the firms are required to spend 2% of average net profit of the preceding three years on corporate social responsibility activities. Government of India has expanded the scope of CSR and allowed the firms to contribute towards research aimed at promoting sustainable development goals (SDGs).

CSIR-CECRI has identified the following technologies for deployment through CSR funds from Indian Industry.

Sr. No.

Sustainable Development Goals

Titles of the deployable Technologies


Good Health and Well-being

1.Soil Nutrient Analyzer  (NPK Sensor)

2.Sweat sensor for glucose, uric acid, lactic acid detection


Affordable and Clean Energy

1. 18650 type Li-ion batteries of 3.7V and ~2.3Ah capacity.

2. 3-kW LT-PEM Fuel Cell for Stationary Power Application


Clean Water and Sanitation

1. Electrochemical Defluorination of Drinking Water.

2. Electrochemical Dearsenator of Drinking Water

3. Electrochemical remediation of waste water


Climate Action

1. CO2 to value added products


Industry, Innovation, and Infrastructure

1. Cement Polymer Composite Coating System for Corrosion Protection of Reinforcing and Prestressing Steels.

2. Corrosion Resistant Inhibitive Admixture for Portland Pozzolana Cement


Responsible Consumption and Production

1. Recovery of Tin / Zinc / Copper Metal from waste by Electro Refining Process

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