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The Centre for Education (CFE) was established in the year 1988, as an initiative of CECRI’s human resource development program. Since its establishment, CFE has been an integral part of the institute, and has contributed a great deal in shaping the lives of numerous students. It is responsible for conducting the unique 4 year/8 Semester Bachelor of technology program in Chemical and Electrochemical Engineering. The program is accredited by NBA. The Director of CSIR-CECRI takes overall responsibility for the running of Centre For Education, and is assisted by an appropriately formed council.


Central Electrochemical Research Institute (CECRI) was founded in the year 1948, as one of the first among the chain of 37 national laboratories under the umberella of Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), dedicated in entirety to specialized research in the field of electrochemical science and technology. Realizing the importance of molding young minds towards national upliftment, the Centre For Education (CFE) was launched in the year 1988 by the then Director Prof. Vasu. The B.Tech (Chemical and Electrochemical engineering) course was formulated by reputed people in the industry and academia, and covered all important aspects of chemical and electrochemical engineering. The coursework was designed with the vision of creating specialized electrochemical engineers for the future, and is being constantly upgraded to keep up with recent trends. This one of a kind program is unique to CECRI, and no other institute offers an undergraduate course in chemical and electrochemical engineering. As CFE presently marches on towards the completion its 25th year, it has developed a worldwide alumnj base. Many of our former students hold responsible positions in prestigious organizations and universities such as ISRO, Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory, IIT, DRDO, Washington University, Nevada state university, CSIRO, and Indian Patents office, amongst others. The B.Tech course of CECRI has now turned into a sort of label that most institutes worldwide look upon with reverence, and is treated equivalent to that of a technical degree at the IITs.


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As per the norms of AICTE, a Grievance Redressal Committee is constituted by the Director, CSIR-CECRI to redress the grievances/complaints of the aggrieved students. 

The aggrieved students/public are requested send their representation for redressal of their grievances to Dean, CFE and Chairman, Grievance Redressal Committee through e-mail: for further necessary action.




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