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Research Guidance
S. No.Name of the ScholarThesis TitleYear of Completion
1 Bongu ChandrasekharIonic liquid based lithium intercalating electrodes and electrolytes0000
2 D. BhuvaneswariStudy on certain LiMO2 and LiMXO4 [X=P,Si] cathodes for lithium intercalation behavior0000
3 Dr. N. JayaprakashSynthesis and evaluation of certain high voltage lithium intercalating electrode materials 2008
4 Dr. P. KalyaniSynthesis and characterization of LiNiO2 based electrode materials for rechargeable lithium batteries2004
5 GangulibabuInvestigation of electrodes for lithium batteries and electrolytes for lithium-sulfur system0000
6 K. BalakumarStudies on high voltage electrodes and electrolytes for lithium-ion and/or lithium-sulfur batteries 
7 Mr. P. ManikandanInvestigation on advanced cathode materials for lithium-ion batteries2015
8 P. RemithModified polyanionic hosts as electrodes and electrolytes  
9 P. Subalakshmi  
10 R. RameshLithium-intercalating nanostructures as anode materials for lithium batteries2006