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Lead Acid Batteries Overview

A ready and affordable supply of energy is essential for maintaining the standard-of-living of the developed world. Irrespective of the source, an effective storage system is critical for the efficient use of the energy. The developments of effective and affordable means to store electrical energy for an ever-increasing number of applications present a major challenge to scientists, technologies and engineers. In most modern –and large-scale energy-storage functions led-acid batteries, in one form or another, have been the technology of choice. The key technical challenge to be met in maximizing battery performance involves facilitating continual supply, contact and interaction of reactants, high specific energy and columbic efficiency, good operational life , maintenance  and acceptance cost. It is in these direction research is being pursued in this division. In order to compete globally and locally the division offers services to the battery industries in getting their product validations. Technical consultancies, solution to the problems faced by the industries are also addressed